About Walker Elementary

Fortuna, CA


There are approximately 260 students, grades TK-4, at our school.

Community Support

Houses the Fortuna Resource Center and a Headstart Preschool on campus.


Named after Linell K. Walker, beloved secretary from January 1992 to July 2019.

Staff Spotlights


We are proud to feature Veronica Girsback, a dedicated First Grade Classroom Aide at our school. Mrs. Nelson (Principal) says, "Veronica has come in on the weekend with her family to do weeding and plant flowers! Her ability to wear multiple hats — from monitoring duties last year to her current role as a classroom aide — demonstrates her flexibility and commitment to supporting our students in any way she can. What Veronica enjoys most about her role is the opportunity to connect with students, witness their learning journey, and see them grow day by day.

- Veronica Girsback


We're thrilled to feature Katie Gerving in our Staff Spotlight. Katie is a dedicated Reading Intervention Teacher at Walker Elementary School, where she has been making a significant impact for over two decades. Katie has such a heart for the students. She steps in to help colleagues all the time and puts everyone else first. This sentiment echoes throughout our school community, highlighting Katie's compassionate and selfless nature. Katie finds immense joy in watching her students gain confidence in their reading abilities, celebrating their successes as they overcome challenges.

- Katie Gerving